Thomas J. Fogarty, MD joins NasoClenz Medical Advisory Board

Company’s innovative NasoClenz healthcare device is poised to lead the way in nasal hygiene

SILICON VALLEY, CA, February 15, 2022 -- Silicon Valley Innovations (SVI) has expanded its Medical Advisory Board to include Thomas J. Fogarty, MD, an internationally recognized cardiovascular surgeon and premier med-tech inventor/entrepreneur.

Dr. Fogarty said the company’s NasoClenz™ device is a game-changer for nasal hygiene. “Cleaning our noses should be standard practice, and it’s surprising to me, as a physician, that nasal hygiene is not regularly practiced in the medical profession,” Dr. Fogarty said. “The NasoClenz applicator has an elegant design, and it provides a straightforward, easy-to-use technology that will offer benefits to patients in numerous clinical settings and to people in their everyday lives.” NasoClenz is an antiseptic cleansing kit designed to keep the nose fresh, clean and moisturized. It includes anatomically designed, comfortable nasal applicators and a specially formulated proprietary antiseptic gel. 

SVI’s CEO and founder, Gail Lebovic, MA, MD, FACS, is one of Silicon Valley’s most successful woman entrepreneurs, having founded or co-founded multiple medical technology companies whose innovations have gone on to become standard of care and are currently marketed by leading healthcare companies. With NasoClenz, Lebovic is on a mission to help educate people about “keeping their noses clean.”

“The nose serves many important functions and is a direct gateway into our body,” Lebovic said. “But its central role in our health is often overlooked, and it’s just not part of our routine personal hygiene regimen — yet. It’s pretty obvious actually, just think about it: we wash our hands; we brush our teeth — but what about our nose?”

Lebovic envisions a world where clinicians incorporate nasal hygiene into their practices and people around the world incorporate nasal hygiene into their daily personal routines. She said that’s why she was thrilled to welcome Dr. Fogarty onto SVI’s Medical Advisory Board.

“We share a passion for nasal hygiene, and as clinicians we agree this is an opportune time to introduce a product like NasoClenz,” Lebovic said. “There’s a shared need among clinicians and consumers for an easy-to-use product for personal nasal hygiene, and we’re hoping to fill that void.”

As a world-renowned oncoplastic surgeon, Lebovic has previously partnered with

Dr. Fogarty on a variety of products that have transformed standard of care and improved lives, particularly in the field of breast cancer. “With any start-up it’s not just the product, it’s the people behind the product that gives me confidence in the company,” Fogarty said. “I know this team, and their track record is second to none in the industry. Their inventions have always been breakthrough technologies, and they’ve accomplished that in various areas of medical care.”

Recently, Lebovic said there has been a shift in medicine from treating disease to a more proactive, preventive stance — for getting and staying healthy — and the nose plays an essential role in preventive healthcare.  

“More and more we see a world where our respiratory system is exposed to potentially harmful environments including smog, smoke from wildfires, allergens and of course germs," Lebovic said. These observations — along with studies demonstrating that a clean and open nose can contribute to better overall health and wellness — inspired Lebovic to create and bring NasoClenz to the world of healthcare.


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