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The nose is often overlooked as an important part of our health.  When you breathe through the nose, germs, allergens, toxins, smoke, dust, and particles can get trapped in the skin and hair inside your nostrils. The nose is a direct link between the outside air and our respiratory system.  It functions like an air filter for the body and it's important to keep air filters clean. So, when's the last time your nose got a really good cleaning?


Discover Simple & Clean Nasal Hygiene

Great for travel

I am traveling in Europe for a month and using them everyday.

Suzanne F., Los Angeles CA

Verified Buyer

Refreshing and easy to use

Clean, refreshing, better breathing, and easy to use…I would recommend highly!

Mark C., Monterey CA

Verified Buyer

Thank you for this product!

It’s now part of my self-care wellness routine, and a must when traveling. I always keep it in my bag to use on the go.

Bonnie D., San Francisco CA

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I love NasoClenz!

I use it daily. I apply it when I get ready in the morning and feel good the rest of the day. I will definitely be ordering more.

Kerry G., Palos Verdes CA

Verified Buyer

Great for my patients

A very exciting and important innovation. I am seeing great results in my patients.

Dr. Keith Matheny, MD, FARS

Dr. Arman Discusses the Importance of Nasal Hygiene

Many people don't realize that nasal hygiene is essential much like oral hygiene.


Nasal Hygiene, Allergies, Travel, CPAP, Dry Nose,
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How to NasoClenz

It's as easy as 1,2,3...

Doctor designed with the nose in mind.™

Proprietary Wand & Applicator

Founder, Dr. Gail Lebovic along with her team of med-tech engineers, developed the cleansing wand as a new and convenient way to clean your nose and improve nasal hygiene. The proprietary design provides a unique dual cleansing action for a gentle and comfortable cleaning.

Specially Formulated Antiseptic Gel

Our proprietary antiseptic gel is specifically formulated for the nose, providing nasal hygiene in a distinctly different way from sprays or sinus rinses. When used in combination with our cleansing wand, the gel provides an easy and refreshing way to lean the lower nasal passage. Nasal cleansing can be important for individuals with allergies, CPAP users, or those who suffer from a dry nose with chronic crusting. Consult your physician if you have a particular nasal issue that warrants medical attention.

Gentle, Moisturizing and Refreshing

Clear and moisturizing, our proprietary gel leaves your nose feeling fresh, moisturized, and clean. It’s not messy or sticky and doesn't stain.

New Approach to Nasal Hygiene

Do you find sprays and rinses uncomfortable, messy, or inconvenient? Nasoclenz is different - it's designed for simplicity and comfort. It's like a soft toothbrush for your nose that is easy to use at home or on the go. Anytime, anywhere.

Travel Friendly, Go-Anywhere

Pocket-sized and TSA-friendly, NasoClenz makes nasal hygiene easy when you step outside the comforts of home. Whether you are headed to a social gathering, commuting on public transportation, or catching a flight, NasoClenz will keep your nose feeling fresh and clean.

Alcohol Free

Some nasal products contain alcohol which can be uncomfortable and can dry the sensitive tissues in your nose. NasoClenz does NOT contain any alcohol. We've created our gel specifically for the nose - to gently clean while moisturizing this sensitive area.

Made in USA

NasoClenz products are made in the USA to exacting standards and are fully compliant with FDA requirements.


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